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Shake Cafe offers an alternative way of eating to the very traditional city of Florence, emphasizing health, freshness, simplicity and quickness. Cristiano, one of the owners, drives to the fruit and vegetable market at least 3 nights a week, choosing mostly local and seasonal products that will be sold in our stores.

From the beginning of our story, our main priority has been to focus on sustainability, choosing leaders in eco-conscious materials for all of our take-away packaging. We use PLA (Polylactic Acid) renewable materials and corn starch – reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Our juice cups, smoothie cups, lids and straws are made of this renewable material and are FSC® certified, OK compost certified and exclude the use of chemicals.

To continue our mission in maintaining sustainability, we have decided to eliminate all plastic water bottles from our stores, starting in 2020. We will only sell glass bottles that are eligible for discounts when you return.

We have also created our own Shake Cafè reusable water bottles, encouraging you to use less plastic and be more sustainable 🙂
Along with our reusable water bottles, we now offer our own bamboo fiber coffee cups – if you bring yours back to our stores, we will give you a 50 cent discount on all hot drinks!

Our team at Shake researches the best ways to practice sustainability in everything that we do. Have you ever thought about how much energy we consume while using heating and cooling systems? It’s a lot… In the building and construction of each new location, we have conducted research and have been successful in finding and using the leaders in green and low energy consuming machines.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our family here at Shake Cafè and hopefully we can inspire YOU to be more sustainable!

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