Cristiano, Founder & Co-Owner

Introducing Cristiano, Founder and Co-owner of Shake Café. With an innovative approach to food retailing, Cristiano has transformed the culinary landscape of Florence, introducing a contemporary casual format inspired by the bustling cafeteria-style restaurants. Passionate and enterprising, Cristiano strategically establishes Shake Café in key areas of Florence. This modern and trendy approach, rooted in homemade products and a commitment to sustainability, caters to the discerning tastes of young professionals in urban areas.

Cristiano’s unwavering focus on quality is evident in his hands-on approach. He personally selects the finest ingredients, buying from the fruit and vegetable market himself for many years, to ensure the freshest offerings. Balancing his business endeavors with his role as a dedicated father to his two sons he structures his work to prioritize family commitments.

With a remarkable work ethic, Cristiano’s days extend for 16 hours, allowing him to pursue his various passions, including soccer. Actively involved in both organization and training, he finds time to nurture his love for the sport. Health and wellness are central to Shake Café’s values, intertwining sports and a commitment to educating others on healthy eating and new food cultures through collaborations with different associations in the community.