Fanny Isaksson, Founder & Co-Owner

Meet Fanny, Founder and Co-owner of Shake Cafè. With a degree in Nutrition, she pours her admirable energy into creating delicious menus, with many plant based and vegetarian options, that prioritize seasonal and local ingredients when possible.

Recognizing the importance of quality for modern consumers, Fanny has successfully infused the café/restaurant format with new and engaging food experiences while prioritizing sustainability, transparency, and ecology. Her inspiration stems from growing up in Sweden, a country known for its gender equality and drawing from this model, Fanny strives to structure the company with a focus on fostering a collaborative climate between employers and employees. Open lines of dialogue, negotiation, and addressing workplace issues are paramount. She believes in actively involving staff in organizational decisions, defining work environments, and providing opportunities for professional growth and development.

As a caring and devoted mother of two boys, Fanny understands the value of family, making it a priority in her life. With a diverse background in the fashion industry, a seasoned traveler, a food enthusiast, and an advocate for environmental consciousness, Fanny’s mission is to unite her passions for food, health, and community.