Stefano Fagnini, Investor and Master Artisan Carpenter

Introducing Stefano Fagnini – Our Dedicated Investor and Master Artisan Carpenter. We are proud to introduce Stefano Fagnini, one of Florence’s finest artisan wooden carpenters and a vital part of the Shake Café family. What began as a deep friendship evolved into a valuable partnership, with Stefano becoming not only a trusted supplier but also the creative force behind the interiors of all Shake Café locations since our beginning.

Stefano’s exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail have brought our vision to life, infusing each café with warmth, beauty, and a touch of Florentine artistry. His expertise in woodworking has created captivating spaces that seamlessly blend style and functionality, captivating customers and enhancing their dining experience.

As an investor, Stefano has not only contributed to the growth of Shake Café but has also played a pivotal role in preserving our unique identity. His dedication to quality and commitment to excellence align perfectly with our values and we are immensely grateful for Stefano’s unwavering support, artistic vision, and passion for creating remarkable interiors. His contributions have elevated Shake Café to new heights and continue to inspire us to deliver an extraordinary atmosphere for our valued customers.